Comprehensive Eye Exams

In-Depth Tests for Your Health

We do our due diligence when it comes to your health and eyes. Dr. Sherman will completely exam your eyes to ensure everything is performing as it should. Our comprehensive eye exam exists to assess your vision and overall appearance. Unlike a simple vision screening, our exams include a number of in-depth tests for a complete evaluation.

The tests that Dr. Sherman performs will vary depending on the criteria you meet and any existing health conditions or current concerns. One of the most important aspects of your exam is your prior health history. It’s important to alert us of any conditions you may have so we can properly perform our exam and deliver to you the best care imaginable.

Patient being evaluated

What to Expect from Our Exams

During your exam, we will go through certain tests including visual acuity, refraction, retinoscopy, and eye focusing and eye teaming tests. Dr. Sherman is an expert when it comes to performing tests to detect any major health issues. A comprehensive eye exam should be scheduled on a yearly basis to ensure you’re keeping up on your overall general health. Findings from these exams will give Dr. Sherman a good idea about your overall health, including any major issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

When it comes to your health, don’t hesitate. Schedule your comprehensive eye exam today.

Making Your Payments Affordable and Easy

To assist our clients, we offer CareCredit as our financing program. CareCredit is a personal line of credit for healthcare treatments and procedures. It works like a credit card but it has two advantages: simply pay your minimum monthly payment and pay off the entire balance by the end of your promotional period and you pay zero interest!

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